Cities, climate change and policies: A new and exciting road ahead


By: Kornelia Lipinge (Embedded Researcher in Windhoek)

I was going through my daily routine I did not expect to come across such an interesting position on Facebook, “FRACTAL Windhoek Embedded Researcher vacancy” it reads. I quickly scanned through the responsibilities and the qualifications the potential Researcher ought to possess. As I was going through it, I could not help but think this role was meant for me. All my favorite research components placed in one role (water, energy and climate change), could l ask for more. After going through the advert several times, I had mixed feelings, I knew I possessed most if not all the required qualifications and skills for this position but was I the right candidate? I kept asking myself.

To cut the long story short, fast forward to May 2017 I am part of a very strong team of academics and world-renowned researchers. Basically, the FRACTAL project integrates disciplines of science and governance. It is evident that policymakers and decision-makers are the ones responsible for the overall plans that are related to the environment. Thus, the use of climate change information to shape decision making is of high importance.

The professional excitement has easily caught up with me as this is my first time working on a project implementation and as a Researcher in a trans-disciplinary approach. The word “happy” does not do enough justice to express how I feel every day waking up and spending the whole day with a team that works for a cause, a team that has people, their environment and good governance at heart. I am so excited for what lies ahead, in terms of my personal professional growth and the knowledge that I will bring to the team. Coming from a strong background in environmental sciences and water management, I am looking forward to sharing my experience on various platforms that I will be presented with and even far beyond.

Growing up in a small town of Ongwediva, I am also excited to moving to the capital city of Namibia-Windhoek which is known as a center of Namibia’s administrative, commercial, and industrial services. Most people migrate here for greener pastures such as medical services, education services, employment, and business ventures. I am looking forward to learning how the city of Windhoek deal with the high influx of urbanization and how they provide municipal services to all their residents meanwhile dealing with the issues of the changing climate.

Namibia being a semi-arid country, this makes it very vulnerable to climate change and thus it is important to find ways to adapt and mitigate its effects. While on this project, I hope to contribute to the success of the FRACTAL project in Namibia by engaging with different experts in the same field who are dedicated to shaping Namibia and Windhoek as a city into a climate resilient place. I am grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to learning with everyone on the FRACTAL team as we make positive impacts in climate change decision making, response and adaptation. I will be open to learning every day during this journey and I will cherish this opportunity that has been placed in my hands.



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