Learning processes

FRACTAL is designed to be transdisciplinary in nature and to include iterative cycles of learning cutting across society partners and various disciplines throughout the project’s lifetime. The FRACTAL team believes that iterative and cyclical learning is key to effective social learning processes, which will contribute to measurable impact during and beyond the lifetime of the project. This type of learning is also essential in the context of the relatively emergent nature of FRACTAL activities and research, which necessitates an adaptive management approach.

learning pic

A working group has been established to facilitate the learning process at three interlinked scales, namely
at the city, project team and broader, community of FRACTAL scales. This working group has developed a FRACTAL-specific learning framework, which is aligned with broader FCFA objectives and is based on foundational concepts of transdisciplinarity, adult learning, value creation, developmental evaluation and capacity building. This framework will continue to be refined and implemented throughout the course of the project.