Jessica Kavonic



Jess Kavonic completed her Masters Degree in Climate Change and Sustainable Development at the University of Cape Town in 2013. Subsequent to joining ICLEI Africa she worked at the City of Cape Town focusing on a range of projects and programmes whilst engaging with communities to bridge divides between people and nature, and build sustainability at a local level. Jess joined ICLEI’s Cities Biodiversity center to work on the Urban Natural Assets for Africa Project (UNA Africa). UNA Africa – focusing on Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi and Cape Town – aims to improve human well-being and resilience of the urban poor, through the conservation of local biodiversity and through capacity building of local government and other important stakeholders. She also works on the FRACTAL project which aims to advance scientific knowledge on regional climate responses to global change, and enhance knowledge on how to integrate this information into decision making at the city-region scale.


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