Linking science to urban decision-making


Anna Taylor and Mònica Coll Besa, co-authored a blog post for SEI recently on FRACTAL’s transdisciplinary approach to research. In the article they discuss how FRACTAL has been bringing together scientists looking into the elements of climate change and urban decision-makers facing the realities of climate change in their cities.

They highlighted FRACTAl’s Learning Labs, which have allowed FRACTAL researchers to talk with a wide range of knowledge-holders and decision-makers. Combined with this knowledge gathering, an effective embedded researcher programme has been implemented, whereby a university researcher has partnered with local government in the FRACTAL cities. The outcome is the development of an interface between science, policy and practice, and this is helping “scientists play a bigger role in shaping sustainable urban development”.

How can scientists play a bigger role in shaping the future of cities?


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