FRACTAL mega lab held online


A FRACTAL mega lab was held virtually from 13-14th April. The mega lab brought delegates together from all the FRACTAL cities to share key insights from the project and learn from one another. The delegates considered what will happen next with regards to climate risk planning both in their cities and regionally. They also discussed how to sustain the momentum that FRACTAL has achieved over the past few years and how to continue creative learning processes around climate resilience in southern African cities.

The mega lab provided an opportunity to demonstrate the learning lab methodology beyond the cities. Previously, learning labs have only been held in specific cities. This is the first lab to have been held at a regional level.

FRACTAL has learned the fundamental importance of taking a context driven, inclusive and proactive approach to climate risk planning in southern African cities. In recognition of this, a set of nine principles was drawn up at the mega lab in order to encourage this approach. Although not legally binding, the hope is that city governments and stakeholders will sign the principles which they will then use to help keep the cities driving forward in their collaborative approach to climate risk planning.

The full report from the mega lab is available here. For more information, please contact Alice McClure ( or Gilbert Siame (


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