Tamara Janes



When Tamara Janes was completing her masters in atmospheric sciences at the University of Alberta, Canada, there was one institution that stood out for her as an employer to target when she graduated. The international reputation of the Met Office’s climate research made it the perfect choice for Tamara, who wanted to apply her skills to a career in climatology. So she packed her bags and headed for the UK. A few months later, she had her first position in the Met Office as a monsoon scientist. Over the next 18 months, she worked on projects to help India and Bangladesh – two countries particularly vulnerable to monsoons – develop their capacity to adapt to regional climate change. For a year and a half she was solely focused on producing and interpreting regional climate model output to inform decision making in India and Bangladesh. As project lead for the Weather and Climate Science for Service Partnership (WCSSP) project in South Africa, Tamara helps bridge the gap between the science of short-range weather forecasting and the all-important business development functions at the Met Office, as she explains that half her time is science-based and half is spent in a relationship management role, ensuring work is delivered and that they’re working closely with the South African Weather Service. This kind of role is vital for the Met Office, as it provides the link between pure scientific work and practical applications that make such a difference to businesses – and ultimately to people’s lives around the world.


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