Embedded Researchers provide a missing link


FRACTAL has used a novel Embedded Researcher approach as a way to link researchers who hold scientific knowledge and city level decision-makers. Through the FRACTAL project, seven early career researchers were given the opportunity to sit within six of FRACTAL partner municipalities: Lusaka (Zambia), Windhoek (Namibia), Maputo (Mozambique), Durban and Cape Town (South Africa) and Harare (Zimbabwe). These researchers worked to develop strong and trusting relationships between their academic institutions, municipal partners and the FRACTAL project leads in each city. Along the way they also established useful working partnerships with each other, enabling them to share lessons and best practice from across the southern African region.

This short video further explains the role of an Embedded Researcher. If you would like to learn more about the approach you can watch the webinar here, or read the FRACTAL working paper. You can also read about the embedded researchers’ work in Durban and Windhoek.


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