An inclusive, reflexive learning approach


Over the course of the FRACTAL project, numerous engagements have been held. Recognising the complexity of the southern African urban spaces where FRACTAL would be working, the approach was transdisciplinary from the start, with the emphasis on co-production and co-development. At engagements, this meant organising field trips, games and role playing exercises, city-to-city exchanges, the development of Climate Risk Narratives (CRNs), visioning processes, social events, dialogues and high-level breakfasts, and embedding researchers in decision-making contexts. The collaborative approach paid off. Relationships and trust were developed between a broad range of stakeholders at each engagement and over time, which supported the sharing of perspectives, knowledge and evidence and helped to advance understanding of climate related risks in the nine FRACTAL cities.

This paper highlights some of the participants reactions to FRACTAL’s collaborative approach.


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